Nathaniel Kerksick

Design Director


Hi, I’m Nate and I like meaningful, multidisciplinary design. I designed Obama ’08s best performing web ads, led the redesign of Mightybell’s human-centered UX, and the rebrand of

Compelled by curiosity I’ve lived in seven cities across four countries. Raised in Milwaukee, indoctrinated into concerned citizenship by parents who met working for Cesar Chavez.

Big on experience and not linear paths, I started freelancing in 1998 at fourteen years old; by eighteen I was supporting myself making websites for small businesses. In 2002 I joined AmeriCorps, as a case worker for immigrant families in Washington. In 2003 I incorporated my design studio culturegraphic. Two years later I joined the Institute for Policy Studies, the nation’s oldest progressive think tank, to manage online communications. In 2008 I joined Obama for America as the campaign’s only ad designer. When Obama won I resumed my studio, at 10 Jay St. Brooklyn, to partner with startups and causes like Transportation for America on digital campaigns. And I was an Art Director, briefly, at Ogilvy Paris, where despite fun with big-budget ideation and a redesign of Louis Vuiton’s iPhone app, I confirmed that making ads for handbags would not be my mainstay.

Today I live in San Francisco leading the talented design team. I have a degree in Interactive Art Direction from Sweden’s Hyper Island.