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Mightybell UX & Visual Design

Mightybell v2

Mightybell launched in 2011 to help thought-leaders create step-based guides around experiences like “How to raft the Grand Canyon,” or “The best way to tell stories.” While well-received, the launch failed to get significant traction. So I worked with Gina Bianchini, Bruno Bergher and Claire Thompson to re-think Mightybell’s core user experience and value proposition. I led a series of user interviews to better understand what worked and what needed to change, and learned the app had too many barriers for entry and discovery, and didn’t sufficiently convey its utility. We sketched a bunch of alternative approaches including the set below:

Mightybell UX - Overview Mightybell UX - Detail

From these I designed and developed a more frictionless prototype that turned “experiences” into “spaces.” All of the steps were visible as a collection; conversations could be had around any given step, or the experience as a whole; and new content is easy to add. This prototype defined the core UX in the live and steadily growing today.