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Obama for America

Obama for America 2008 Campaign Ads

Designed the first video game campaign ads, as reported by MSNBC

Art directed, designed and developed over forty interactive ads (at various sizes) on massive nationwide buys, appearing in everything from Politico to MTV. Designed best performing web ad of Obama’s campaign, as well as a few firsts – like the first in-video game advertisements used by a political campaign, an interactive tax cut calculator, and a tool for finding the nearest polling location.

On and sometimes-off brand, messages and designs of different styles were contextualized for the sites they appeared on; different versions were A/B tested against each other; the best performers (usually the ones with Obama’s head in them) pulled in better fundraising and listbuilding numbers than had ever been seen on a campaign. Worked as part of an aggressive and innovative new media department that helped to elect Barack Obama.