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Transportation for America

Branding Transportation for America

Transportation for America, a campaign-coalition focused on transporation and economic opportunity, climate change, and quality of life, began working with culturegraphic on a series of targeted, readable advocacy reports. We explored a “blueprint planning” inspired style – clean Helvetica Neue, sharp lines and bold colors evocative of contemporary architectural and planning schematics – to complement the reports’ progressive messaging.

Evolved Transportation for America’s logo and early reports into a comprehensive visual language, designing a style guide with recommendations for logo use, typography and layout, colors, graphics, and photos; as well as templates for professional (Adobe) and non-professional (Microsoft) designers. Commissioned photographer Colin Kopp and scoured Flickr’s Creative Commons to build brand-ready photo library.

Expanded the brand into a series of re-usable data visualization, website, and e-mail templates, which Transportation for America continues to use in ongoing print and interactive iterations.