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Transportation for America

Dangerous by Design Interactive Map

Interactive map exposes pedestrian accidents across the U.S.

Dangerous by Design 2011 highlights the safety hazards of poor transportation planning: from 2000 to 2009, 47,700 pedestrians were killed on unsafe streets in the U.S. To illustrate the problem, ran public data through Google Maps and the Street View API. Visitors to the Dangerous by Design interactive map can type in an address to see nearby pedestrian deaths. The Street View allows visitors to inspect the frequently hazardous landscape in which the incident occurred. The map was featured in LAist and the LA Times — it’s true, LA has a particularly bad record in this regard.

Google Spreadsheets feed in-depth State data visualizations

Additionally, interactive State Statistics bolstered hundreds of local and major media stories about the problem across the U.S — including a strategic placement in Washington’s The Hill. The interactive report builds on the print version, also designed by culturegraphic.